Human Progress

@ChrisJones Have you tried to use the tension map script?, its a free addon that might help for what you need, also thanks for the spine rig, i was wondering how the f it works!

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Hooooolyyyyyy canoli!!! I’m gone for a few weeks from the thread and you outdo most major studies in the meantime?! WHAT IS YOUR DARK MAGIC?!?


the 5 days where the server is inactive.
EDIT: make that 6 days.
EDIT: make that 1 week!
EDIT: make that 8 days, and now its active again.

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What a great Thread and thank you for sharing your progress with us. But of cause i have a question…
Do you have tips for creating realistic skin in blender? like which textures did you use to paint it or where to use which.

Sorry for the delayed response @Kendarr - I’m pretty sure that’s the one I was trying to get to work here.

@schamph In keeping with the (possibly foolish) oath I made to do everything by hand or procedurally, the textures are all hand-painted (including the brushes I used to paint them with). The benefit of that, aside from the control, is that it avoids the problem of all the layers being baked into the epidermal colour map as with photos. Consequently it should potentially allow for more realism I think.

There’s a screenshot of the nodes here which use bump, specular, surface colour and subdermal (scattered) texture maps.


I’ve been trying for the last two hours to upload a video to Twitter so I can embed it here (can’t upload directly to the forum because it exceeds the file size limits), but Twitter tells me “your video file is not compatible”.

Any Twitterers out there who might be able to shed any light? It conforms with their guidelines (it’s only 18 seconds long, 1200 x 1200, H264 MPEG-4, 23MB). I encoded it in Blender using the same settings that have worked before, except for the resolution - but scaling it down hasn’t worked either (and looks too awful to share).

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maybe 23 MB are too much?

Max size is 512MB apparently. I remade the video, and the new version won’t upload either. :thinking:

maybe put it on youtube?

Trying to avoid that, because I’ll be inclined to jazz it up and put a soundtrack on it.

why not just make it unlisted?

After a solid day and a bit of re-recording, re-editing, re-encoding and trying to upload the video, I’ve finally got to the bottom of it. Here’s what I was doing wrong:

Twitter have updated their UI (because it wasn’t already unintuitive enough I guess), and what I had been doing was clicking on the obscure “+ feather” icon, then trying to add the video by clicking on the obscure “dot and triangles” icon (which would upload most of the video before failing).

Instead, what I should have been doing is clicking on the obscure “three dots” icon, then clicking on Media Studio, and then clicking on “Upload Media”, where I could upload the video successfully, and then attach a tweet to it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Twitter is now officially more difficult than rigging realistic humans in Blender.

Stand by for what I was trying to post last night…


Along with making lots of rigging, weighting, topology and model improvements and adding corrective shapes, I’ve now given the female shape key a body. The rig adapts to the proportional differences via an action that’s driven by the same control that drives the shape key, which should make it possible to accommodate a variety of body shapes.

Oh yeah and I made a walk cycle. :cowboy_hat_face:



I love the control for the gender, morphing one symbol into the other by rotating it. :+1:

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The male one already looked like a dial, so it seemed apt. :slight_smile:

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the walk is femail…ish

I was aiming for ambiguous…ish.

It’s 2 things

  • The walk is slow so it makes the hips sway more obvious
  • The feet for men usual open wider
    like this \ / not like this | | . that make it more easy to balance without
    shifting the centre of gravity ( less hips sway)
    Disclaimer: I’m not an animator this is my own personal observation ( not very scientific) LOL
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@ChrisJones What problem are you having with tension scrip ? it is quite buggy but i always get it working