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@ChrisJones So following the discussion in the add-on thread @Leo_Mozoloa filed this bug report : :anchor: T78956 Subdivision Surface Modifier causes vertex color map to display a lot of banding in cycles. (Eevee is fine) (, and it seemed like the issue was mainly with cycles. The issue has since been resolved I believe, and Leo mentioned that the creasing issue has disappeared in 2.91 although I doubt this has been tested with faces yet (tagging Leo in case there is more information regarding this). Nevertheless, I’m going to look at expression wrinkles explicitly with my rewritten add-on, so I’ll also report back how it goes.

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hey so you re-sculpted the all head razes based in pictures, but how you blend them together at the end?, you used shape keys perhaps? and joined them into one object and then combining all of them with a low strength in the sliders and then add a new shape from mix?

@Nanoglyph True, although getting people to read the instructions is another matter… Having separate UV files available for appending might be a better idea, but yeah some poor soul would have to make (and maintain) them in the first place. I did actually start making an alternative one a while back, with the idea that textures with similar configurations could be warped to match.

@calanir Yeah I think the banding was a separate issue. The creases followed the topology when using subsurf, hence why I presumed it was being caused by the weights. It was most obvious with multi-directional deformations (rather than e.g. a bending cylinder), so expression wrinkles are a good way to highlight the problem. There are also demo files in my other thread if they’re of any use.

@MichaelBenDavid The heads are all shape keys, mixed with Blend from Shape with “Add” unchecked. Sliders/New Shape from Mix is additive, which is not what you want.

On that note, if it were possible to blend shapes with the sliders in a non-additive way as well, that would be extraordinarily useful I think.


What kind of horsepower would one need to control this tension add-on effectively/efficiently with something like the Chris’ face/body models here? Looking to build a rig to specifically make this highly editable in a normal animation workflow along with simming muscle, loose skin and fat.

Congrats on your first post @Linkfx , welcome to the community!

I’ve been playing with only face models with expression animations (not Chris’ ones here) with my tension add-on, and it seems to work well enough for me with an GTX 1080 on a machine with an i7 cpu + 16 GB ram. Although, do note that I’m not running many other sims in parallel. This is of course budget dependent, but hopefully this gives you some context.

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u may not know me but can u please make a model for my game

probably not
i dont think he does freelance work
so yeah

Well, I wouldn’t say that necessarily… I sometimes do if the funds are running low (even for people I don’t know), but it happens that they’re not at the moment (un)fortunately.

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oh ok
i stand corrected