Human Skeleton w/ Rigging

Could someone critique the rigging of this skeleton? The IK handles at the wrist are behaving strange. The right wrist IK handle is flopping by 90 degrees when alternating between Object/Pose mode and Edit mode. The left wrist IK handle is likewise flopping by 180 degrees.

This makes the character’s rigging hard to complete. I like to work with a change…view how changes work…change again…view how changes work…etc cycle. This causes me to rethink the entire process with the IK handles flopping around.

“I’m just a noob, yes I’m only a noob…and I’m sitting here on Elysiun Hill”
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I could, but there’s, umm… no skeleton to look at maybe?

post it, then we can do something.

How do you attach a file?

I can see no options for that on the standard Message Entry window.


you need to upload the image to a place like

then you need to get the URL to that image, and using a

![ image url ]( image url )

tag you can link the image to this site.

hope that helps/

p.s. if you are trying to upload a .blend file then you might need to talk to someone who has hosting. bobthevirus (runs sixmonkeys gallery at the top of the last linked page) might be able to help.