Human Skin Project. Blend file inside.

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I haven’t found a tutorial yet that shows you how Blender can make human skin look photorealistic. I found a few attempts that were good, but not realistic like these 1 and 2.

So here’s a Blend file for starters. Anyone is welcome to modify it and update and give their shot at making skin look good.

Maybe we can come up with a basic tutorial for this. I can provide the web space and even write a tutorial based on what we find here.
Download Blend File Here (680 kb)
UV texture
UV Bump
Includes SSS Python Script
All DATA is Packed

Yeah I searched the forum here, but you can only press Ctrl+F so many times on topice that are dozen pages long and only one instance of the Key-Word.

if you look at the search,

it has an option to display posts instead of threads,

they you can see a summary of the post, and only the posts that have your keywords,


Thanks. I wish that was the default setting.

And here’s what I gathered from my searches, some improvements.
Still needs something

Yeah, a nice skin tutorial would be good.

Dr. Jeremy’s is a good tutorial.

Here’s another one I like, very realistic It’s a Poser / Photoshop method that can be done in Blender

Dave Nagel has a series of skin textures in Photoshop Parts 1, 2 and 3, he also has some custom brushes you can download for the Photshop CS version.

Room335 I came across those tutorials during my Google Search today. That woman’s face is quite impressive. I may copy that tutorial.

The other tutorial is very informative too. The techniques can be applied in Blender, but their renderings almost look like realistic cadavers.