Human Skin Textures

I don’t know if anybody will find these textures useful but I created them a while back to use in Paintshop Pro. I did a quick render to let you see a little of what the skins look like on a model (nothing fancy). Let me know what you think because I have tons of textures that I can post.


and a few more…


it’s blurred noise.

Blurred noise?
Actually the original texture (the 2nd one at the top) was a close up photo of human baby skin, I just changed the coloring on the others. I did layer the others a bit too, with the opacity down because they looked more like reptile skin (the pores were to pronounced) when rendered.
Hmm… maybe it’s my monitor. I know I have created graphics in the past for the web and viewed on different monitors the coloring and saturation are off.