Human tissue with veins

Hi all. I want to improve my texture on this shader for internal human tissue that I am using in an animation. I would like to see more blood vessel/vein texture. I put a sample of what my goal is (first picture) and a sample of my current progress in creating this texture/material (second picture). I used image textures and the principled shader. I uploaded my nodes as well. I will use this animation in a medical training video regarding breathing in hazardous materials. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi,your material looks like a good start.In the nodes i can see, that you use repeating tube mapping for the veins.I dont know, if this is what you want (same repetition).if this doesent matter, than i guess you want to scale up or down the mapping?if so then put another mapping node from UV output through the vein image vector input.then you can scale just this vein scales independent from the other vector mapping.

dit you use microdisplacement for this?with microdisplacement you have a better control for fine displacement.

do you want to see more colors (red blood) for the veins or just the displacement or both?for colors one way would be to add veins to your SSS map.if displacement AND color then the vector/the mapping must fit to be at the same place.

edit,a blend file would be usefull too.

here a testrender,i added a vessel/vein texture to the displacement with a scale of 0.1 and in a RGB color mix node i substracted from the SSS map this texture .(microdisplacement used here)

for comparsion,in this render i tweaked the colors for a more subtle look,but more important i increased the displacement to 0.15 for more standing out veins.

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