Humanoid bat(photorealitic model)...and five more

Can someone make video tutorials of Ben Simonds’s photorealistic humanoid bat and mecha spider(every little step so I guess it will several hours long video),please? Including Darrin Lile’s humanoid character(he skipped some parts of modelling plain of his humanoid character),Miles "Tails"Prower,Cream the Rabbit(I can’t expect it such request from youtube user Ureh the Blender Magus).

A quick Google search gives me no results for Ben Simonds. Please attach links, or references, or something to work with. Also, because we are not the creators, we can’t tell you EXACTLY how to duplicate that work. Not only would that be stealing, but every 3D model process is different. Just looking at reference images is not enough for anyone to make a “several hour video tutorial” on how to exactly replicate that.

What are you hoping to accomplish here? If you want to learn how to model those things generally, there are millions of great tutorials out there. If you want to have exact replicas of someone else’s intellectual property, you need to ask them. It’s not yours, and you can’t have it without permission from the creator.

So how can I have permission from Darrin Lile,Ben Simonds and Darius Young?

Email them, message them, send them a letter, DM on Instagram or ArtStation… find a way to contact these artists. There are lots of options, and you might have to try a few avenues before you get a response, but you can’t use someone else’s intellectual property without their permission. Trust me, the extra step of getting in touch with them is very much worth it.

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As for Ureh the Blender Magus he didn’t respond(I sent him comment in youtube one moth ago),yet.