Humanoid demon

I am doing some kind of monster for this contest
Soon I am finnished with the modeling but I think something is missing. I don’t know what’s missing. Do you know what is missing (more than hands)? I find it hard to do hands so do anyone have any good tutorial on hands?

Why don’t anyone replieng? :x It took long time for my headless knight to be replied too. Just tell me where I can find any tutorials on making lowpoly hands or what kind of enviroment he should be in. I’ve thought on making him stand in a cave. But making caves seems hard so I think I
will do some other enviroment. Please reply I really wanna have a chance in the contest. The contest ends the 17th november. So please reply before the contests ends.
Anyway here’s an update:

Cool looking model. I would work on the chest somemore, it doesn’t look right. Also change the angle of your render its too far away and it looks like its a 3/4 shot, I can’t see everything. You may want to render out multiple angles, front side and back. That way we can give you more accurate crits.

Thank you.

I didn’t liked the chest either so I changed it and I’ve done renderings from side, front and (maybe) closer 3/4 (don’t know what you meant with 3/4, but the camera was left in it’s original place.)

Ain’t happy with the chest yet it needs more work. Know any lowpoly hand tutorials? I think it’s hard to make muscles on him. Do you have any tip? Ain’t happy with the texturing either. Do you have any suggestions on textures?


What i mean by 3/4 view is the camera is over top of him and its kind of like a view you get in Super Mario RPG, if you know what I mean, a 3/4 view. As for muscle modeling find a front and side picture of bodybuilders, and base your muscles off of that. You can have a background picture in Blender which is extremely helpful for getting down the basic structure. As for hands, I’m not to good with them, I would suggest looking up polygon hand/low polygon character tutorials on google, it doesn’t matter if its in blender or not, the same techniques should apply.

not that I really have a say, but i think that the horns should look more 3-dimensional.

I have a blueprint of him and he has pretty much muscles on the image, but I don’t think he looks very strong. Please give me some other tip. Now i’m gonna google for lowpolygon hand tutorials. How am I gonna do to make the horns more 3D?

Didn’t found any low poly hand tutorials. Kno2w any good?

you should make it more obvious that they are growing out of him, right now, it almost looks like they horns have been spraypainted that color.

How should I do to make the horns look outgrown. Here’s a new update. I’ve added hands to him nothing else. I know that the hands suck, but I did them without any blueprint or tutorial and they are one of the first hands I’ve made.
Still not happy with having him yellow his tail should have the same skin type as snakes and rest of him human skin. Do anyone know a site with textures that I could use for that? And I don’t come upp with any good way to let the textures meet. I don’t think it would look good if I just let the the textures meet. I wanna have them blend together is that possible (just let them blend together where they meet)?

I really like the concept drawling, but I don’t think you’ve quite captured your vision of what it’s suppost to look like. The wrists look way to thin, the sholders are out of proportion wit the rest of the torso, the eyes need some work, perhaps try a “pixar eye” instead of incorporating it into the head mesh. The stomach muscles don’t stick out like a pad, the upper part is usually defined by the rib care botton where the diafram is, then you get seams inward where the muscles have definition. Perhaps reverse what you have then extrude the individual “six-pack” to your desired effect. The mouth looks pretty good, but the nose reminds me more of a pig then a demon. You might also consider making seperate meshs for your horns, would be easier to model them and you could insure some sort of semitry. Good start though, and the texture you’ve given is quite interesting.

well, i was thinking you could make the head bulge around where the horns and the head meet. kinda like how the gums bulge out where the teeth are. If that makes any sense :).

Bad news everyone can’t join the contest anymore, cause it is a low poly contest and the model could have a maximum of 5000 triangles and if I convert my model to subsurf it get 9400 triangles. There is a high poly version of the contest to but I don’t have a chance there. I think I’m gonna do this project finnished yet.

I don’t really understand what Ralph mean. And how should I do the nose look less like a pigs and more like a demon.

It sounds like some of you think it’s my own concept but it ain’t the one that hold the contest here has done the concept.

I done better hands, a better sixpack, made the horns to seperate meshes and gave the lower body a snake skin texture. I am gonna give the upper body a texture too but I ain’t sure about what kind of texture. What kind of enviroment do you think he should be in? Here is the update.

I don’t really understand what Ralph mean

one last time:

your horns don’t look real enough.

in this picture, see how the horns growing underneath the skin bump the skin? that’s what i was thinking. i hope you get it. and if you don’t, FYI: im not crazy :slight_smile:

I really like the demon. Could i have a .blend file of it?

Sure ralph, you can have the .blend file of him. But there is a tiny problem. I don’t have any site to host it on.

Now I have made an armature to him. Haven’t skinned him yet. Here’s a pic:

I can mail him to you, but then you have to tell me your e-mail adress.

I feel that something is missing, but I don’t know what is missing. Do anyone what this guy needs more?