Humanoid moddeling problem

I am new to blender but have watched many tutorials and have a litle knowledge in how to use the program, i am trying to make a warped humanoid figure, got through the torso, arms and chest but got stuck when i needed to start the legs and pelvis, because i don’t know how to get 2 leg forms out of the single aquare of vertices ihave

If you understand my problem, help would be greatly appreciated :yes:

Wow, that is quite an ambitious project for a noob. There is nothing that any tutorial can show you in that case. The best learning experience now is practice practice practice. It doesn’t matter if you don’t achieve you desired result, as long you are learning from your mistakes.

As far your question goes, subdivide that square a couple of times so you can extrude 2 legs out of it.

i suggest making the legs seperatly out of circles and then retopoing them to the pelvis and facing them into one object. im obcessed with making humans to tomo. ever since i started

Make the bottom face of the lowest cube into a thin rectangle, and bring the legs out of the two faces on the sides. If I’m understanding your situation correctly. I think it’s something like this:

You can post screenshots of your work in progress, sometimes it’s easier to show a problem than to explain it. Use Ctrl+F3 to take the screenshot, and the “manage attachments” button (scroll down when you post to find it) to upload the screenshot.

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Thanks so much for your help orinoco i managed to finish he model but it is my 1s so it isn’t great

EIDT: now i’m having a problem with the texturing, i can’t figure out how to get the texture from the bar onto the model, it just paints a green to red gradient on


Neither was mine. :smiley: Just keep at it. You’ll improve. :wink: