Humpback Whale

Hey Blender artists,
it’s been a while.
I am working on this Humpback whale 3d model. I’m recording my sessions so I’ll release a timelapse soon. I am planning to make a tutorial on a whale jumping out of water and splashing some Flip Fluids. I did a scene like that for a recent job so I know what I’m doing in terms of the actual effect. I have less experience with making tutorials but I’ll take it one step at a time.

CC welcome!

[UPDATE] Workflow Videos

Original images:


the whale looks good good proportions and detail.Are you using dinotopo or multires to sculpt the details?


Epic topology. Would love to see it texture painted with proper materials. Great job mate!

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that must be dyntopo tho.

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Thanks. It’s multi-res actually.This is the topology.

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Textures and materials are the next step, still some sculpting left to do.

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I have an update that I forgot to post.
Here are some images from Substance Painter. I could have painted it in Blender but, dammit, SP makes texturing so much more fun.

And I also did a test render in Cycles.


Great job! I love whales. Its a humpback so the back-tail looks a little short. But overall its great!

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Amazing work!!

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Thanks! Wish I had your feedback sooner. I’ll see if I can still tweak the tail at this stage.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

@ToshiCG If not, it can be a baby whale! :smiley:

The model looks great, but you got the hair follicles wrong. In your image, they look like bumps (like whale pimples), but they have a hole in them. Check this image:

Also, what’s the age of this whale supposed to be? You might want to adjust those protrusions and lot accordingly.

Barnacles grow along with whales.


And depending what species this is, you might want to add some Callosities.

The fins also look too smooth to me: They are irregularly shaped.

This might be nitpicking but can make your model look even more realistic.


I should be a bit smoother under the fins.

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Thanks a lot for the detailed input. I actually regret that I won’t be able to use it but work has already progressed. But I appreciate you taking the time!

I have finally uploaded the work videos. Have a watch if you’re interested!


Those bumps at the front are hair follicles!? I never would have expected that, thanks for that detail!
Though in hindsight it is not too surprising; they now seem like remnants of whiskers, don’t they? :slight_smile:

No problem, the model already looks great!

@Estajxo Yes and yes. Those hair follicles are actually called tubercles and I think only whales have them, among all other mammals. Their true purpose is is yet unkown.

pretty good work!

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Nice work.

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