Hungry Buns


(djwaterman) #1

I guess it’s finished as I have no plans to take this further.

The main thing is that I used Easyref addon to help me model from the original sketch reference, as shown here. It’s a really nice tool for that direct kind of referencing in the modeling-space.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #2

You’re #featured! :+1:

(alf0) #3

man this is so much funny
i never understod the idea at the biggining , i thought it was a hot horse but this is amazing :slight_smile:

(djwaterman) #4

Well gosh darn, what can I say. Actually, I’d just like to thank Cedric Lepiller for his fantastic add-ons, scripts and videos, I never thought I see any of my stuff in the top row, but there it is.

(Louis) #5

Awesome design and execution!

(Ricky) #6

Very beautiful but I did not understand the meaning. :grinning:

(JTA) #7

OMG! Something new and clever! Saweet!

(pokestuff) #8

Great image and concept!

(Ghaell) #9

Cool, I love it haha


MMmmhh . . jummi

(Ricky) #11

What does it mean please?

(djwaterman) #12

I guess you can’t escape double meanings with a hot dog, but it was not the intention, just a funny cartoon idea that might mean anything you want it to. I mean here’s the original doodle.

A non planned idea to give me something to use with the Easyref add-on. Oddly enough that week I was compelled to buy Frankfurts, not part of my normal eating habits, I think it’s the hot mustard I really wanted. Perhaps that’s where the subject sprang from. Originally the bun was part of the hot dog, but then I put eyes on the bun and it became a beast with two backs (so to speak).

(Ricky) #13

So the little cute creature is the Hot Dog! And it has the bun riding on it. Sweet! :grin:

(Logan Bagocius) #14

cool :grinning: :troll: :dark_sunglasses:


Funny concept! I like it a lot.

(Logan Bagocius) #16

Why is the mustard on the ground?

(mypye-ngon) #17

My brother and I buy hotdogs once a year… throw back to earlier times. Being compelled to buy hotdogs happens. The idea for hungry buns is right up there with Looney Tunes. GG.

(IDSG) #18

Ahaha ! :rofl: I love it ! just crazy ! :joy:


Simple yet manages to stand out from the crowd. I like it.