Hungry Shark (Mediafire DL)

This is a small free game I created using Blender Game Engine ver 2.69. The project took several days. All voices of the in-game victims are made by me and my girlfriend. We hope those could make the game more interesting somehow, since it is not really that cruel screaming, calling help.

We hope you guys enjoy the game and expect you could leave some feedback, suggestion about the game.
Download link (latest link)

In the game, you are the shark and have to kill all 24 people who appear one by one in that small sea area. These people can avoid your attack if you just swim near them, or with normal speed.
We will be glad to see any screenshot of your score.

Have fun playing.

Ive found out that Space and Arrows dont work well on some devices, especially on laptops. I reuploaded another version with Ctrl & Space.

Can’t run with Wine, that’s werid!