Hunter - Female Model

Been a while since I posted here. I’ve improved dramatically since then.

Here’s a project I’ve been working on for about 2 months, and it’s my third character model. She’s based on a variety of characters for various games and movies.

Here’s a static clay render:

And a short turntable:

Any advice is welcome! I’m having a feeling people are going to comment on the arms. Also working getting a good wire-frame render without odd clipping and whatnot. So far, no luck.


I was hoping to get at least some feedback. Oh well. Here’s an update with a wire frame and a closeup of the face.

I softened the face a bit, shrunk the shoulders a bit and made them less broad, and tweaked a few things here and there. Oh, and of course put her in minimal clothing to show the model and topology better.

Any comments are appreciated!

Model looks good. It’s just that nothing jumps out to catch attention.

I like how you made the edge loop around the knees. But facial feature is little too massive for a female face; shorten the nose and drop the eyes a little.

Looks very nicely modelled from your image, good job. Will the model be textured?

I think the model looks good, but how smooth and clean it is makes it look like a cartoon model.

You know, the shrinkwrap clothes look is okay for now, but be really careful about the time-period of your piece. Rayon is a very recent invention. . .


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Amber Gray

I look forward to looking at the method that UV wraps realistic hair. If it’s going to happen…

Well here you go. First off your model looks nice, the proportions are fairly close to realistic, and the topology looks decent. Everything fits.

But she is not attractive, or appealing. And she is very boring, both her clothes and her body. The problem I see is that she is way too normal. She needs a style all her own, something memorable that sets her apart. Or she needs to be really cute. This is just my opinion, from what I have observed over the years

Here are some inspirations for you, in the super-cute style:

If you want to go normal like you have, the only way to get the “wow” factor is to go super real. Example:

Another way to draw attention or make your girl stand out is her costume. Dress her to the 9’s. Examples:

The girl does not have to be complicated to be beautiful and compelling. If done perfectly, simple can be the best of all: (NSFW)

Hope that helps. The good news is that you have the skills to produce a nice model. Now you just need to take it to that place that makes it special and standout.