hunting for food

Hi there,

This is my first blender render ever :evilgrin:
I would gladly like to hear your comments about it. Any suggestions to improve things?

thanks and greets,


Looks like a good concept and set up and everything, but it could use some better lighting, materials, and textures.It’s a little on the dark side right now.

I love the concept,
very original, and well thought out,
for your first one, it is a dandy, for your 10th one, it is great,
but now you just need to get alittle more light on the subject, and practice texturing it,
Well done and keep up the good work

It’s weird. But I like it. :^)

Maybe you should adjust the spotlight so that the whole piece of meat is in it.

funny and a great job so far :slight_smile:

great concept. need some tweaking of mesh.