hurricane lantern

I’ve been modeling a hurricane lantern… my problem is the partical flame doesn’t show once I put the class cover around it… take the glass away and the flame is there. How do you get a partical flame to show INSIDE of a glass enclosure?

Try using Z-transparency on the glass instead of Ray transparency.

thanks… that worked… but now I can’t see the glass… how do you make glass show with Blender Internal render while using ZTransp?

Lambert 1.0

Spec 2.0
Hard 255
Refr 10.0

Ray Mir 1.0
Depth 5
Fresnel 4.0
Fac 4.0

Zoffs 1.0
IOR 1.57
Depth 5

Blender Internal render

Unified Renderer. It can be activated by clicking that button in the render buttons (F10), in the Format panel to the right. The renders will take longer, but it is better with halos. Should work with both ZTransp and RayTransp.


activated Unified Render… nothing seems to happen… still don’t see any glass

Wondering if this is yet another non functioning attribute in the OS X version.

Back the alpha off a little. Try say, 0.2 instead of 0

or you could change the shader settings. And it might look better with a little ‘emitt’

nice to see people getting along and helping each other.

carry on.


<whistles and twirls night-stick, walking away>

Still working on it but this is what i’ve got so far… i’m not very good yet

Don’t know if that link works… if not

still have some modeling to do on it… such as the lever for the metal rings around the glass