Hybrid - 3D and 2D animation

I’m also posting this in the “Materials and Textures” forum as since it covers both areas.

I’m trying to animate simple 2D facial expressions - cartoon style on a 3D character.
In other words, I’m not modeling the mouth, eyes, etc. I’m simplifying the facial expressions down to a 2D facial expression and want to animate the 3D character with them.

I’m sure there are many ways to accomplish this, but if anyone has an efficient workflow to animate it as a texture (need to be able to swap out different expressions during the animation - of course) I would greatly appreciate if you could share it.


Look back in blender nation posts, there was a great script /addon to use a control rig that controlled the coordinates of a texture applied to the face. At each saved location you had a UV’d texture for the mouth or eyebrows/ eyes what have you. So you could position the bone to select what mouth shape you want for that frame, etc. THis is the best solution I’ve seen yet, really need to try it myself one of these days. Sorry I can’t find the post right at the moment.

Here we go:


Thanks very much for responding.
I’ll give it a try.