Here’s an image I made: I wanted to make something like a hanging basket, with an octopus in it. I had immense fun working on the tentacles and a system to pose those - finally settling on a simple curve modifier. The trick is to make the curve longer than the model, then the thing really ‘flows’ nicely, and you can get typographic with it.



Cool idea for the tentacle… saves you from having to make an armature.

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Cool render! I liked the tentacle trick as well. Is there any physics/cloth simulation happened for the macrame and bowl (fits quite nicely)?

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Same trick for the twine: mesh with curve modifier! Snap bezier points to surface of glass bowl and fine tune. I tried a few approaches but this worked for me in the end. Alternative was to shrink wrap a mesh over the bowl and then use skin modifier to give it ‘depth’ - my issue there was uv repeating for the twine texture. I’m sure there’s a solution, but I bailed and went for the curves.

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The suction cups could have a slightly slimier look to them, but the most impressive part is definitely the technique employed here. The idea of using curves really worked out well.

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Pretty cool looking! Nice use of bezier curves, I use them all the time for things like this. And I love the modeling of the tentacles! :octopus:

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Cool tentacles, I’ve been working on something with tentacles found the same solution with the curves.
How did you handle the topology of the suckers or did you use displacement to create the geometry?

No displacement - it’s a simple model! the curve modifier twists and bends the suckers quite nicely though

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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Ah yeah! Thanks kindly Bart!

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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can you make a tutorial of this?

I second this, those tentacles are amazing.

For sure - here’s a quick and dirty recorded demo (no narration I’m afraid, but simple enough to follow, I hope): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8paNov8S294

…And here’s a source file to mess with: tentacletut_source.blend (687.5 KB)

Key points: use an ‘empty’ to offset an array modifier - this affects the tentacle ‘body’ and ‘suckers’ both. It’s both translated in Z and scaled, to taper the tentacle to a point. The curve modifier comes in last, and does what it does!


Brilliant! I suppose you added end-cap so the last part does not include suckers and is nicely rounded, or is it just merge with bigger distance?

End capped: that’s right. Merge distance has to take into account the ‘small end’, mainly, so that doesn’t turn to vertex mush. For my rendered model I ‘applied’ the array modifiers and tweaked some bits before going on to texture it (e.g. ‘tidy’ the end, use sculpt tools to give some variety to the suckers going up the length).

At first I thought this was weird and creepy. Now I like it! Great tip about the curves needing to be longer than the model. I always have such trouble with curves!

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