Hydrogen moto concept

I model this motorcycle concept
Rendered on blender cycles.

Exploded parts of this motorcycle concept


Starting with a plane !


Very nice modelling and texturing. Just can´ t figure out how you drive the rear wheel as there is no kardan or chain visible. Positioning of the exhaust pipes is dangerously constraining leaning angle .
For realisms sake you might want to change that. My proposal: 2-in 1 exhaust like KTeeM RC-8. Combine under the gear box, then guide the exhaust upwards. It also prevents your toes from hitting the VERY hot parts :slight_smile:

Indeed the rear wheel should be drive by a chain. It would be better. It’s just a concept. Nothing prevents it from being improved.

For the exhaust it rejects water vapor it is therefore well placed to reject water drops. And it will be hot.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you @bartv

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