I recently “completed” my first real model I have ever made in any 3d modeling program… Check it out :slight_smile:

still have to texture and mess around with a few things but for the most part done…

and the whole behind the making video…


Kinda reminds me of the movie “Cube”, once your done with the texturing I think it will have a lot more impact. Right now it’s kinda generic.

thanks for the feedback… you are correct this model is based on the cube series of movies. The movie is called Hypercube or Cube 2. I needed something that was decently difficult to make for my first real project so I choose this. I built it off of memory and a few reference images. I have no experience with texturing what so ever so im not sure if im just going to study up on modeling or start studying for texturing. But yet again thanks for the feedback :smiley: