I added new verticies to My custom Tails model.

I decided to give my custom tails model a belly button but the thing is one i move the shape keys the belly button i made moves is their anyway i can fix that. When i move the shape keys i don’t want the belly button to move when i move the shape key slider.

Here is a shape key applied

shape key not applied

I also edited the Basis part. Also on the Basis model i did something wrong does anyone know how can put the eye back in its original place like in the second picture shown.


i know im wired but can you guys help me?

For the first thing, try this: http://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/2941/revert-vertex-position-to-basis-shape-key

For the second thing, you can delete the eye, then select the other eye and use the Symmetrize operator (search with spacebar) to create a mirrored one.

That helps one problem thanks to your help i was able to make the belly button stop moving. I was also able to Symmetrize the other eye but the thing is when i open the right eye it doesn’t open the left one does. When i use the right slider it doesn’t open like the left one does , is their any way i can copy that data from one shape key to another?


This is an awesome community i still need help with on more thing

Try having the working open eye shapekey active, then make a new shapekey, then click the black arrow next to the shape keys and do Mirror Shape Key.

i will try that Thank you ^^

i decided to start all over sorry when i did Symmetrize this happened. Do i apply shape propagate on the other eye. when i mirrored it it said failed to mirror some of the vertices.

If you have a Failed to Mirror (x-amount) of Vertices, there are likely mesh errors (doubles, flipped normals, etc.) or your mesh is not symmetrical. I can see from your screens that it’s the latter because of the hair.

You could easily remove the hair and treat it as a separate object to regain symmetry in the face, but you will be destroying your Basis shape and any other shapekeys you have made.

Try to create a workflow that will allow you to never make changes to the mesh after you have invested time in creating shapekeys.

The basis shape is the road map for all other shapekeys. If you change the vertex count in your model, (like you did when adding the belly button) you will likely break all of your other shapes because you are changing the number and position of those vertices in the basis.

More often then not, you will be forced to delete all of the shapes and start over with a new basis.

Luckily you are learning this early and can avoid this problem in the future.

Good luck!

sounds like a plan Thank you ^^

Try to make Tails’ belly button more rounded shape. Otherwise, excellent work. I love Tails!