I am a beginner

Hi everyone.My name is Tonmoy.I am a beginner in this forum.I am student of DU.IN this year I have completed my graduation.Now I an searching for a new job.So members of this forum give me some advice about this forum.

Welcome to blenderartists! :smiley:

You’ll find that there are many subforums here that might interest you. In addition to the main forum rules there are a few unwritten rules and guidelines that you’ll stumble across as you post, but if you fall into any traps then you’ll probably find your way out of them easy enough. This is a pretty friendly place on the net. :yes:

It’s a big community here, and there are a fairly diverse number of personality types. You’ll probably get along with some better than others, but if you help people out when you can then you’ll most likely find that you’ll get a friendly response when you have problems yourself.

As far as forums go, this is really a pretty big one. There are artists, game developers, scripters and some core developers of Blender that post on the forums regularly. It’s a bit daunting to begin with, but when you’ve found your way around it’s a quite interesting place to hang out.

Have fun blending. :slight_smile:

Welcom tonmoy. The best thing to do is just lurk around here, explore the different forums till you find a question you are comfortable answering and answer it.

Hey! Welcome to the living encylopedia! Good folks here…

welcome to narnia!