I am having a fatal error with blender

When I am using blender, every time I use the B hotkey to select multiple things, some fatal error happens and it crashes. Thats all that really happens.

I have tried reinstalling and even redownloading but the problem persists. Can you help me out?

what are the stats/system of your comp?

they are plenty good enough to handle blender.

I think its 400-500 something mb of ram
2.2 ghz
Windows xp

Its a new computer, I got it not 3 months ago.

Reinstalling and/or redownloading won’t help in any case…

This could be an issue with your graphics card…

What’s your graphics card???

Have you tried to update your graphics card’s drivers???

{EDIT}You can go there and check out if there’s any issue with your G.C. chipset along with useful info on resolving them: