I am in need of a mouse interactive script

I am looking for a way to use the mouse to beable to interact with all items of the screen. Sometjing like being able to pick up something and drop it or hit alot of items to knock them over and stuff. It needs if possible to not have to attach a command to each and every object to interact with it, just like a default thing.

Can you help please ?

this might help: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=23255

Ok I tested this it is not the thing I was looking for but it is a start.

Is there any way to use it to just drag it into the air and drop it ? Or to have a button mix to set constraints of XYZ and any mix there of.


This is breve. It has a lot of source code init to use for whatever. It has a linux windows and OSX version so you can test it at yor free will.

The objects can be picked and lifted and moved around during there simulation. This image here shows the basic controls of interactivty. In this image I have lifted the AI walker into the air and now it is falling to find out how it shall upset it’s day while trying to learn to walk :stuck_out_tongue: heh he ehhe he

I was hopeing to try and make something near this.

in the bottom of that post there is this

#RageTheSage 08/04/2004 
import GameLogic 
import Rasterizer 

width = float(Rasterizer.getWindowWidth()) 
height = float(Rasterizer.getWindowHeight()) 

aspecty= height/55 


senGrabbed = c.getSensor("grabbed") 
senClick = c.getSensor("click") 
senMove = c.getSensor("move") 
senOver = c.getSensor("over") 
actCon = c.getActuator("con") 

owner= c.getOwner() 

owner.mousex = (senMove.getXPosition()-width/2)/aspectx 
owner.mousey = -(senMove.getYPosition()-height/2)/aspecty 

if senOver.isPositive(): 
   if senClick.isPositive(): 
      owner.grab = 50 
      owner.grab = 0 
if senGrabbed.isPositive(): 

if c.getSensor("RMB").isPositive():   <<<<<<HERE <<<<<<< 
   owner.setPosition([owner.XPosition(),owner.YPosition(),owner.mousey])  <<<<<< HERE <<<< 

how can I use that on the object ? And how is the first downloand file calling up the python script at all ? it does not look like it is linked to anything