I am looking for an addon developer to build an awesome addon I have in mind

Hello Blender users!

I have a very cool and technical project I am working on atm.
I am working on it in a very structured and procedural way to make sure it can later be transformed into a general tool/addon for everybody to use.
I am just looking for someone who can help me put this mix of techniques and technical steps into an easy to use system with user interface and so on…

I know this all sounds pretty general and vague.
Tbh, I just don’t want to explain it in detail in public because I’m afraid someone will steal this idea/project

Depending on how much work it ends up being and how we split the workload we can make a deal to get you paid. The details depend on how things evolve.

I just wanted to put this out there allready to see if there are people out there looking to get involved into a new refreshing tool/addon.

I am sure this addon, if/when successfuly launched, might become something pretty big and even create a new branch of specific users forming a new community.

Much love and creative courage,

Reminds me a bit of when someone has a great idea for a story and they just need someone to write the screenplay. :roll_eyes:

Perhaps you can try something like ChatGPT 4? Some people have found it to be a good starting point, which can then be expanded upon and tweaked by someone with more expertise.

Blender Bob made a video about doing just that and it’s pretty impressive actually. I’m sure ChatGPT has gotten even better since this video was created.


Wow, that’s so awesome, I never thought it would work so well, I am using it right now step by step and it is really working. Thank you very much

For now I think I don’t need an add on expert anymore.