i am missing a certain button

where is the actor button in 2.34?

this has been answered a billion times before. goto the world buttons, and beside the gravity slider click on none, then select sumo.

I’m still a follower to make that a sticky topic. I guess between now and 1 month someone else asks it again :stuck_out_tongue:

If you would have done a little search then you would have got the following result:

This has been asked and answered several times in the last few weeks… %|

WHY do you think i asked
i looked in the world section before but i CAN’T find the choice between sumo and the other engine!!!supposed to be next to mist/stars right?
i can’t even find the gravity slider


sweatdrops erm plain under my nose but i didn’t find it before( i heard it was next to the mist/stars screen :-? )