I am not able to get UDIM images maps to apply from 3D Coat

I am able to get UDIM image maps to work with Substance Painter 2023 but using the same method in 3D Coat I can only get a single image even though I set the Image texture In the Shader window to “Udim Tiles.”

It will show either .png 1001 or 1002 but will not map both.

Funny thing though…I want and copied the naming of the png files from Substance Painter and pasted them to the 3D Coat png’s and they mapped correctly. At least I can do this work-around if there is no other solution to this.

Does anyone have any ideas on this topic?

So this a 3Dcoat question ??

What i don’t understand here is that you have different naming in Substance than in 3Dcoat?? The udim naming scheme should be one of this (from docs blender udim):

  • <UDIM>: A 4-digit notation calculated as 1001 + u-tile + v-tile * 10.
  • <UVTILE>: A notation defined as u(u-tile + 1)_v(v-tile + 1).

So you use differetn exporte or bridges for Substance adn 3Dcoat or from blender or the FBX exporter ??

Then 3Dcoat is wrongly importing UDIM from FBX… ??

Lot’s of :question::wink:

Hi Okidoki. I don’t know why the naming scheme is different. I use the same exported FBX model for both programs.

Yes to “Lots of questions/” Thanks for the reply.