I am not paid enough for this sh*t

“120 000$ duct-taped banana gone crazy”


View on artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/gJmd6m


This is great. lol

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:rofl: good one . love it.

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Ok, this is nice. :smiley:

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Nice :slight_smile: You’re #featured!


This was funny idea. :smile:

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Nice job, good to make people smile! :joy:


Ob boy, this is epic!! :joy:

Great work!

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Wow, good one. Classic art funny.

Loooool …

it was here all the time?

Should be posted in place of the original

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I remember this nonsense from last year. Utter garbage!

Hahahahahahah very nice hahahahahahahaah :smiley:

haha true this history. Bullshit style :grin:

OMG ! that hits home.

Been seeing a lot of greyscales. I make my underpaintings with one color - sepia or black and white or sepia on a light background. Get the values right then it holds it all togehter right. when yo put layers of color over it. Thats how the old masters painted.

R-O-T-F-L-M-A-O … and nicely executed. :rofl:

Late to the party - THIS IS AWESOME!! LOL!

I like this very much! :smiley:

You: would you like a bannana?
me: naw
you: https://youtu.be/yModCU1OVHY