I can create a new UV without keeping the previous one

I’m trying to paint a humanoid character that has hair and clothes, but I want to UV map every aspect so I can easily paint the shirt, gloves, and hair with details. I seam marked everything I wanted and I was able to UV map the entire character divided by seams. The problem is that I prefer to work in each UV image individually. I started with the hair and I created a UV map for the hair and then exported, but WHEN I CREATE A NEW UV MAP (the shirt) I can’t get rid of the hair UV map. I go to data press, UVpam, press +, Unwrap the shirt, and there it is the hair and the shirt on top of each other. I wish somebody explains to me if it is possible to have multiple UV maps of different part of the body so I can exportem individually.

you have to select the UV in the DATA preference panel
or you create a different material for each part and unwrap it
then should be independent

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