I can no longer work in Maya thanks to Blender!

After using Blender for about a month I was pretty familiar with the basic controls. I opened Maya up at work and I found it very difficult to do anything! I pressed the space bar for the quick menu (good thing that’s the same in blender and maya) and I made a cube and wanted to delete 5 of the sides. I couldn’t get the vertexes to show up because I was pressing tab! I tried to get into solid mode pressing z and I undid everything. I tried to zoom in and I only got a selection box. Needless to say my whole experience in maya this morning sucked.

Blender’s controls must just be more natural since I was very used to them after less than a month and they overrode almost everything I did in maya and over a years experience with maya.

Curse Blender! = P (Also I’m not sure how this got put into Finished Projects topic but oh well)



this is frightning me :frowning:

cuz i want to use maya in a few years/ month…

if im not gonna be too hooked on blender :expressionless:

I try 3dMAX. I can’t do anything.
I try Maya… nothing.
I try Lightwave… nothing…
Then… I found Blender. And I start to learn 3d with JOY.

When I use Blender, I feel: ALL the vertices is my, ALL the faces is my, ALL the objects is my.
I feel, I am in the 3d space.
Blender is a dream.

I think I never learn 3d if there is no Blender.

That’s exactly the way I feel…I tried 3ds max in the beginning and couldn’t enjoy anything I made…then I found blender…and loved it. I tried lightwave some months ago…and couldn’t get anything good out of it…

blender is just…my world

when I try Maya or MAX I feel like I have only one hand and one eye…

Bledner - I’m lovin It :smiley:

I agree whit endi here: I tried 3D max and Maya and Real 3D whit no success.
(well okay, if I’d had paid something from those programs I would have been more keen to learn them, but alas I didn’t)
UI’s, which I assume were designed to be easy, industry standards where nonsensical to me. And I was thinking “No, it seems, that 3D is not for me.”

And then I found Blender. And it all just clicked.


To be honest i will always model in blender I can do anything I want.

But as for animation maya seams to be leagues ahead (dunno about the others).

but back to modelling … BLENDER RULES yay.

could someone make a blender build that is not so easy to learn/use ? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

hm … i heard that Hash’s Animation:Master is the shiznit for computer animation. i haven’t used it myself, and i can’t say i’ve heard anybody at Elysiun mention it. though, i haven’t used Maya, either …

hm … i heard that Hash’s Animation:Master is the shiznit for computer animation. i haven’t used it myself, and i can’t say i’ve heard anybody at Elysiun mention it. though, i haven’t used Maya, either …[/quote]

I have used A:M for a few years. Don’t know what shiznit means (must ask my kids). The biggest problem with A:M was the people running the company. Martin Hash and his family can be real paranoid a**holes at times. I heard it’s better, but not much. But the program does have a very comprehensive set of animation tools. Martin Hash claims to have been the innovator behind stuff like reuseable actions, etc. The new version, from what I hear, is much more stable than what I used. I haven’t renewed my subscription and i don’t think I will. Might as well give my $200 to the BF.

As for people from elysiun using it. There have been a few of us. I think Metsys mentions it from time to time.

I have been playing around with XSI and it is a LOT different from Blender. I can’t see how anyone could quickly model with it. It takes me 10 minutes just to manipulate a cube lol. The nice thing about blender, is when you hit a short cut key such a rotate or scale, the object imedietly starts rotating or scaling.

With XSI, you press the rotate shortcut key and it just puts you in rotate mode. You have to then click on the object and rotate it yourself. This can obviously be very slow. But it must be usable since people can make nice stuff with it.

But Blender is my app of choice sofar. I do intend to try Lightwave soon though.

Acctually I have a different story, I tried using Lightwave for a day and I must say that after using blender I was able to easily find all the same functions in Lightwave.


i tried 3ds max and for me it was alot more natural but i cant afford it so i use blender

I must work with Maya and/or Cinema 4D and I tried Cinema but everything is just so difficult, al the controls are so unnatural and I must rearch really well do be able to do what I want.

I just LOVE blender and I am so used to it that when I want to select/delete/copy something in Windows I use RMB in stead of LMB, X in stead of Delete and SHIFT+D in stead of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V


Yeah, blender has disabled me from working in other 3d apps. There control suk, in blender its like i barely think about it and it happens. In Maya and othere apps its like dam, you spend your time finding buttons and not play with your mesh. Well it doesn’t matter really cause blender is just as good as these other apps, and will be better then maya when this next release comes out. Unfortunately blender is missing a few crucial factors. One such factor is clothing.

I think all the other apps should convert to blender.

I have tried using Maya(i bought it), 3D Max, XSI, and Milkshape

I also wish blender had better exporters, and blender is pretty much the king of animation especially after the next release.

Lol, I totally agree. If Blender was able to do everything as good and professional as Maya/Cinema does it, I would continue using it, but for my next school I must be able to use Maya and/or Cinema 4D.

Let’s all just stick with Blender and all try and help make it better.

Does anyone know when 2.37 or even 2.4 comes out?

I’ve played with 3DS Studio Max, SoftImage, and Lightwave. Like many other voices here, it was not until I “discovered” Blender that working with three-dimensional graphics became fun, intuitive, and enjoyable.