I can`t look thru faces with normals pointing inwards!

If all normals point inwards, then i shoud be able to look right inside the mesh, right? I mean it happens in all other 3d software i tried.

How do i setup my Viewport (or model /material) for it?

I tried ZInvert but its not quite the same…
To uncheck doublesided didnt help it either.

I just don`t get it…

EDIT: Maybe I should read the post before I reply…

DoubleSided is for the GameEngine and ZInvert is Global not Local; you see objects behind.

You can only do what you want with UVMapped textures.



im wondering why it didnt crossed my mind to try this earlier.

Still thinking its odd that you first have to Texture it, but i can live with that.


Now its fine in the Vieport but Renderoutput shows still a Solid cube. So, i checked No V.Normal Flip , and i only got a Black shape out of it.

I gues Blender didnt let light thru any Face, so i moved a light source right into this object. Still looks like a solid after Rendering.

pew…its frustrating! :expressionless: