I can use music from other games with some copyright

I want use some musics like silent hill games in my project but the game is full free
no sell

As long as you are not the copyright owner you always need explicit permission to use any asset for the specific purpose. (Purpose can be: reading/listening, transfer, sell, modify, destroy and more.)

Be ready to proof you have that permissions.

It does not matter if you want to sell or not. This is just a purpose. The right to listen or download music does not include the right to distribute it further (or even sell it).

In doubt -> do not use it.

no, you absolutely cannot do this.

what you can do, is distribute your game without the audio files, and recommend the end user to buy the soundtrack and paste it into a game folder.

but there is free music out there, i think soundimage.org.

always read and understand the licences of what you use.

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