I can view all objects fully Rendered in Object Mode. But thru camera objects vanish.

Alright, so I’ve further narrowed down a problem I had in an earlier post. It keeps staying weird. I see that in the Object Mode where you can move objects, and you have the option to select between Solid, Wireframe, Rendered, etc., if I choose Rendered then I can see all my objects there fine. Everything is rendered. But as soon as I hit F12 for an official render through a camera, one of the objects is missing. Plus when I go back to the Object window and look at my objects, suddenly the object that had disappeared in the camera Render is also gone in the Object window as well! But I just saw the object in the Object window before I went for the camera Render! This is driving me retarded. It feels like a bug.

And no this has nothing to do with Layers, or Hidden Objects. Or hitting W. Everything is selected to be visible. I’ve looked online and the only guy who got around it he doesn’t know how he fixed it. Something about ‘subsurf’? Anyway I know I’m not the only one with this problem. Suggestions?

Have you keyframes anything ?
Blender vrsion, OS and system spec
What renderer ? cpu or gpu rednering. If gpu have you tried cpu ?

Please supply a blend file for review