I cannot Get Blender To Restart Rendering From A Specific Frame.

I have an animation that I am rendering outputted as a .tga image files (Targa Raw Frame). The render was interrupted by a power outage. The animation range is 0312 - 0623.

The interruption stopped at 0492. I set the start frame from 0492 and end 0623 but the render skips out of this range and goes beyond, keeps starting at 0674.

I have rendered animations before which were interrupted/stopped with an adjusted render range and it always starts where I set it to start never skips frames. This time Blender refuses.

Any insight or solution as to how I can fix this?

The frame range range I need to render: 493-623

The jump to frame 674 when I hit animation render:

Did you set the frame range in the Properties Panel -> Render Tab -> Dimensions menu as well or only in the timeslider?

Hi Lumpengnom. Thanks for the response. Yes I did. Still jumps to that frame 674.

Now I know, and have at times observed that when you restart an animation render as image sequences, the green frame indicator may at times show a frame or more ahead of the frame you have set it to start with but when you go to the actual file in the output folder, the sequence will be correct, and the frame that you intended to restart the render from would the right one.

But not this time.

I suppose would just have to start the whole render from scratch.