I can't apply Boolean modifier with Slice Operation


I want to apply boolean slice operation but i can’t, i have this error “Modifier cannot be applied to multi user-data”

if i make ctrl + Shift + / with booltool it’s automatically applied but my boolean object is removed, so i can’t slide to make a choice. I’m obliged to ctrl + Z if i want to change the place of the boolean object. i don’t know if you see.

I don’t want it to be destructive.

Thanks in advance :wink:

Yes, because your cube got link-duplicated. Select one of your cube and set it to single user. You can do it in the object top menu, or by going into the mesh data (the triangle in the modifiers, objectprop area). If the mesh data is multiuser, there will be the number of users displayed at the right of the name. Click the number to make this object single user

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thanks you for your helps ! :wink:

No problem :wink: