I can't assign different textures to the same mesh (pic included)

Sorry for all the n00b questions, but I’m stuck yet again. I unwrapped the character’s face as a UV map, then unwrapped the body as another, so that i can switch faces later. Problem is i can’t assign the textures properly. Notice how the images change to a pattern like texture, instead of following the UV map. I also tried the ‘links and materials’ without any success.


thanks in advance


Do you have the two areas set as separate vert groups? If so, you can then assign them to the individual materials, and then load the texture to uv in the appropriate material, matched to your uv layer name. I’m not sure about this, but I have found setting up vert groups made my uv mapping easier for complex setups.

I tried making a new V group but it didn’t work. I’m not exactly sure what your procedure is though. I’ll continue trying tomorrow.

Thanks for the help

wow that is weird ?hmmm maybe smart uv unwrap render it then in the render panel press bake full image then you could have the uv mapp all correct 1 moment I’ll show you what I mean.

Go to the shading tab, then materials, then click on the “Map Input” tab thingy and select “UV”


that should fix it :slight_smile:


Make sure that you have the “UV” button selected under Map Input in the Material tab

And that the name of the correct UV map appears in the corresponding text field. You gotta start typing once you have more than one :slight_smile:

I can’t see any field that says Map Input or any UV button.

thanks for your help!

Pic attached shows =D It’s under Shading (F5) > Materials

Cool, I found it. Still not working. I must have labeled something wrong. There’s so many places where you can write datablocks, that now I have no idea what goes where. I’ll keep trying.

thanks again :smiley:

Looking at you pictures it looks like you do not have your head mesh unwrapped, so all of the mesh faces are stacked one on top of the other so that the face image is repeating on each mesh face.

When you check the UV tab ther, then type the name in the space above - yours are labeled Face and Body, so that should be a quick fix.

It’s funny (and frustrating) that I could do what I’m trying to do to a cube, and using only one UV texture layer. I unwrapped one side of the cube and gave it an image. I then unwrapped the other side of the cube and gave it another, using the same UV texture layer, and without using any other tools (I didn’t even go to the shading panel or anything else. I wonder at all if I shouldn’t have created a separate UV texture for the face.

You might be right - i think the separate uv layers are for complete unwraps, i mean like you would apply the face you have unused to alpha area in your image so they would blend withe the other layer - so you can smooth the transitions between seams. You typically could have the texture extend in the editor to the other faces, then erase alpha witht the paint tool in varying levels of opacity to blend it with the other layer.

I did it. I deleted the UV texture layer that contained the unwrapped face. I unwrapped (this must be the single most frustrating step in the whole 3d modeling business) the face again on the the same UV texture layer as the body, but gave it the image of the face. I’ll worry later about changing the face image on the game interface.

thanks for the tips. much appreciated