I can't fiigure out this...

It’s a bunch of overlapping planes facing same way. They are a result of using Ctrl Shift A on a particles system. The odd thing is that although you can move each of the planes independently, when hitting tab to go to their Edit Mode, it does it for all of them as if they were all one big mesh.
Can someone please explain what’s going on?

Should you feel like giving it a try just download the attachment and have fun!



strange.blend (781 KB)

The objects are linked, which means that they share the same object data. Because of this, all planes will be in edit mode at the same time, and they will always have the same shape as each other. If select a plane in object mode and go to the ‘Object data’ panel, next to the ‘datablock ID name’ you can see a button with the number 55. This means that 55 objects share the data. clicking that number will make the currently selected plane a unique data block. I don’t know if you can automaticallly make all planes unique at once, but it won’t take long to select them one by one in the outliner panel and then clicking the button I mentioned earlier.

Thank you so much Morio :slight_smile:

Now if I could only make them Single Users a group at a time, instead of one by one that would be of immense help. The file I made downloadable only contains part of the whole project, but the rest amounts to “1810” objs! :frowning:
Btw, I’m using Blender 2.57

Here’s what I have been doing exactly:

  1. I group select many planes at a time with “B”

  2. I select “Object/Make Single User/Object & Data”

  3. Ctrl J to join them into the same mesh. But that’s when I get this error:


Hmm thats realy good information for all but specialy for me becoze i’m learnin that thing now a days

I’m glad this is helping more people! That’s the beauty of helping each other through a forum :wink:
Well, thanks to c 4 from CGTalk and Morio I won’t take ages finishing this part of the project:

These are the steps I’m following now:

  1. Box-select a cluster (B),
  2. Change all the planes in the cluster to Single Users (Object menu/Make Single User/Obj & Data) - I wish there was a button/shortcut for this in 2.57, like there is in 2.49.
  3. Assign one to be the Active Obj (Shift clicking any of them).
  4. Join them (Ctrl J).

Additionally to these steps I’m moving every new processed cluster to a different layer, to ease their manipulation. But once done, I’d bring them back to one layer to simplify things.