i cant find align tools in blender 2.59 ?

i cant find align tools in blender 2.59 :no::no:
where it is ?

What you see in the image is the align tools add-on. If you enable it, these buttons will appear in the Toolshelf (T). But you can also search for ‘align’ (Space)

yes im searching for this add-on where to enable it ?

does it comes with latest version ?

i tried to get it from site but seems not to be working ?

happy 2.5

It seems to be missing from the scripts/addons directory, even though it’s supposed to be included “in Blender 2.5 Add-Ons menu”. I guess someone forgot to include it in 2.59 :slight_smile:
You can always copy it from a previous version. I can post the one that came with 2.58a if you want.

just check 2.59 in last version and it is there !

but how do you activate it ?

wath selection to be done to get it !


Where are you seeing it? What should I check (I have today’s - 14th - package)?
It may be available on other OSs but under FreeBSD it’s not. I’ve searched the entire package for the script and it’s not there.
Blender keeps records of add-ons in startup.blend and when I first ran the new version of Blender and opened User Preferences > Add-Ons it said:

Missing script files

When I tick the checkbox on the right of the “running guy” icon the item disappears until the next time I run Blender. When I copy the script from a previous version it works fine again.

well i found it inside the Startup folder inside the bl -operators folder!

but how do you activate it ?

i got 39367 from yesteday graphical.org

i’m also on windows

check the console and get this error

Warning! 0beta39367\2.59\scripts\startup\object_align.py’
has no register function, this is now a requirement for registerable scripts.

how do you modif this to register ?

happy 2.5

i added this register at the end but still giving same problems error!

def register():


def unregister():

if name == “main”:

is there also a need to addons registering at the beginning ?

also i check the other scripts and most of them don’t have resigtration
is this the latest version ?


We’re not on the same page. You’re talking about what Sago mentioned earlier. Restore that file (object_align.py) as it was: it’s part of Blender’s internal tools, it’s not an add-on. Add-ons are stored in the scripts/addons directory.

If you want to access this tool, do as Sago said: with your objects already selected, press space and search for Align Objects. When you click it or press Enter, it’ll appear in the Toolshelf.

This tool does the same as one part of the add-on - aligning location - but has more options. On the other hand, the add-on does a lot more - aligning location, rotation and scaling on the X, Y, Z or all axes.

ok working for me

and where can we get this other align tool?


by the way is there a wikipage giving how and what thse internal scripts do ?


could some one send amessage to blenderfoundation to restore this addon again in blender defualt it is very important

This is the version that came with 2.58a. You have to remove the .blend extension that the pasteall website adds and move it to the scripts/addons directory. You should then be able to find it in User Preferences > Add-Ons > 3D View > 3D View: Align Tools.
Alternatively you can find the one in the SVN and follow the same procedure.

I may be wrong but I think the documentation doesn’t exist yet.


Maybe you could contact the author Gabriel Beaudin for an explanation.

got the second one working in 2.59

wondering if someone will combined these 2 to make only one ?

and is there one that can do this in edit mode too?

happy 2.5