I can't get the texture working in 2.40

I’m kinda newbie here, I have tried probably every tutorials about texturing in blender but I couldn’t get any of them to work. Currently I followed the castle tutorial and made the model but I can’t put the texture on it :frowning:
Background image works though.

to add texture to an object do the following

  1. start blender again
  2. add a cube mesh
  3. eneter the- face select mode
  4. press Alt-Z to see the objects Texture
  5. open a window type called uv/image editor
  6. select the image button
  7. under the image button select open
  8. browse you computer for the image you are going to use (press open image)
  9. if press F12 to render image (at this time the oject should not have the texture you just asigned it)
  10. go back to the buttons window
  11. press F5
  12. press add material
  13. press the button TexFace
  14. press F12 to render (your render should have an object with its texture)
    hope that helps

Thanks! It works!
But is there any way to render textures while in editing mode?
It takes a while to apply a texture and test.