I can't make light for a light bulb properly.

I am never good at lighting but now I’m creating a light bulb. Here is what I get:

This looks too stupid, the light bulb is plain white.

Here is the node for the glass material of the bulb:

And I placed a point light with default setting inside the bulb.

How can I improve the lighting? What have I missed?

Many Thanks for the help :slight_smile: <


Try something along these lines, it’s not the best but I gave it a shot.

In this case it’s loosely off how a light bulb works, technically a globe is transparent, with a bit of the glare coming from both our own eyes, and any smudges/dust on the globe. Hence its basically a transparent material with a slightly rough glass.


Hey, I tried your setup and it looks lot better!
I’m post the result in focused critique after render.
Thanx for the help !!