I can't move this bone in Location Space and its driving me crazy. Please Help!

Hi all. I downloaded a human rig and decided to tinker with it. In an attempt, to allow this model to “crouch”, I grab the lower middle torso bone and pull it downward… only to have it rotate instead. Apologies if this thread is in the wrong place, but I really need help and would appreciate any! Here are some pictures below. / / / / /

This is what happens when I pull my cursor down. I wanna move it down on the Z axis but it just wont move. / / / /

Thanks all in advanced!

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You’re seeing this behavior because the bone you’ve selected is a child bone that’s connected to some other bone in your rig. Check your bone layers to make sure there aren’t any additional bones hidden on other layers.

Thanks a ton! I feel awfully silly asking such a simple question to such an easy fixing problem. I haven’t used Blender in quite a while so I’m a bit rusty on how to do things. A lot of it has come back to me, but not all of it.

-Thanks again, yupol!