I can't paint while turning on face selection

Hello. Thank you for watching.

I want to paint while displaying wireframes. However, if I turn on face selection masking for texturing, I can’t paint on it unless I select faces. Also, if I select faces, the wireframes disappear.

How can I paint while displaying wireframes?

I can paint but invisible

visible but I can’t paint


N - Panel - Display - There is a Wireframes - Display and clear button…:slight_smile:


Thank you for answering. That was in the object panel.

However, I wonder why I can’t paint it in the original way even though others can do that.


You have uploaded some pictures and I can see You do not have the Wireframes in N - Panel -Display.

See My picure.

Sorry I can’t tell You why You don’t have it…I use daily build but I’m sure it have been in for some time now.

Btw…You know You can paint in the UV/Image editor.


Thank you for your reply and sorry for being late to reply.

Seems, there are other people who have the same trouble as me. I don’t know whether it’s bug or not though. I hope it gets fixed soon.