I can't playback animations in Windows 7

I’ve just moved over to a new PC running Windows 7. Animations seem to be created just fine, as far as I can tell, but I can’t get them to play back. I haven’t tried all the formats, but PNG, AVI and FFMpeg don’t work. There are no error messages, just nothing happens when I hit ctrl-F11. Any ideas? I’m using Blender 2.5 alpha 2.

sometimes it will take a while to load up all the images. (like, 30 seconds for a 10 second animation)

No, it’s not that. I tried waiting for several minutes, just in case. There’s no response at all. I don’t need to hit esc before I can do anything else.

Maybe it wasn’t implemented yet in alpha2. Try a more up to date build and/or change the video playback application in the user preferences before deciding you’ve got a real problem.

Do you mean “animation player” in the file section of the user preferences? I have that set to Blender2.4. The other options don’t mean anything to me. Which one should I try?

I have Windows 7, that’s just a problem with the current releases of 2.5, that’s why I still use my trusty 2.49.

Thanks for the information. That will stop me spending any more time tracking it down. I’ll download 2.49 again for the time being.

I have Vista, and the installer build has the same problem.