I can't see my thread content

I can click and open the thread from the forum but I cannot see the content. Please this is important because I’m trying to grow a team.
Looking for 3D Rigger and 3D Animator – Patreon Benefits
Why is this?

See https://blenderartists.org/forum/faq.php

So I have to remove the website URL? It’s a website to show the team to show anybody interested how serious we are and how established etc.

OK so I made changes and now it’s back to being hidden? Does that just mean it’s being verified or something?

You misunderstand. All of your posts will be automatically sent to the moderation queue, whether there’s an image or a link or not. After you have 10 posts work through the queue, your posts will show up instantly.

Oh OK sorry – I did misunderstand. Thank you for clearing things up :slight_smile: