I can't select faces in FaceSelect mode

(vwporsche) #1

I hit the FKEY, but the only way i can select faces is w/ the “A”.
i don’t get it. I can’t texture things the way i want without being able to select specific faces. Am i doing something wrong? i though all i had to do was use the right mouse button.

(saluk) #2

You should be able to select faces with right mouse button, but on some operating systems it doesn’t work quite right.

Since right mouse doesn’t seem to be working for you, you can also go into edit mode FROM face mode and select faces based on vertexes. It shows you which face will be selected when you leave edit mode by highlighting the faces in pink.

(Pooba) #3

yeah, i’ve had this problem a couple of times, it seems to randomly happen, and it is really anoying.