I can't workout how to model this chair

Tried everything and im stumped. I can do the base of course but that seat, i tried bending a rectangular cube but i cant find a modifier that will bend and taper it as it is in this image. I tried to make it follow curves with a modifier but failed miserably. https://images.yourstory.com/2017/01/Furniture.jpg It seems blender needs new and more powerful modifiers.

I’ve made something different but its worked out really well. I activated extra primitives addons and used a supertoroid shape, gave it plenty of segments and played with the initial settings to get a sort of cocoon like shape, then i used proportional editing on it using the numpad views to keep everything lined up, and it turns out proportional editing is really powerful for shaping things like this, even without mirror modifiers or anything its amazing.

Use a extruded curve.

This can also be done with the bridge sub-menu and the rectangular cross-section of the bent shape. A minimal amount of duplicates of that profile are placed in orientation along what that shape would be. Then if you use more than one segment for bridging, then the profile and join type options come into play. And that’s how you’d get the smoother shape.

However I agree that bezier paths would likely be the fastest way. Just presenting yet another alternative approach. (And that’s not getting into add-ons like Bsurfaces.)

FInd some good reference images, especially front and side. You could use those as back ground images and then do poly modeling switching from front to side view to place them correct.

The other solution with bridge and extrude are also good. You could even try a curve with a bevel object and scale the curve points to get the thickness…ALso what could be handy is ctrl left click with a face selectede, each click will extrude the plane. This way you can setout the base shape and add a sub surf later. Also use mirror mod

If you use a plain, an array modifier, and a curve modifier, you can model the curve to how the chai is, then add a solidify and a subsurf. then finish the small details. (i made a rough example)