I completely hate the new monochrome buttons

I completely hate Blender 2.8’s monochrome buttons. It’s so hard to read, everything looks like a great big glob of nothing. It’s even worse when so many of the buttons I’m used to are in new places. I am absolutely perplexed as to how anybody with a working pair of eyes thought that this was a good design decision for a program with literally hundreds of buttons.

I know that all things are possible through Blender, is there a way to go back to the colored buttons that they had before?

Also, I would love to express this opinion to the developers of Blender themselves, but I couldn’t find a relevant contact page on the main blender site. Anyone know how to reach them?


Yes. Me too. It takes forever to find the button I want. I hope we have a choice later.

This has been discussed at length already. A user took the time to design new icons and the Foundation used them. Feel free to do the same.

As a user, I didn’t like them at first either, but now that I’m used to them, it’s really not bad. I like how they don’t distract.

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By the time the final release comes out, I hope that the line-art buttons are there, but subtly colored. Perhaps this could be a user-preferences choice.

I even see distinct possibilities for establishing a palette of colors that is used as cues throughout the interface: "if it relates to <this-part> of the user-interface experience, it is consistently <this-color>. (But the color variations are conservative.) Bearing in mind such issues as “red/green color blindness,” I think that judicious use of color could be a good adjunct to this interface. (It might help people to sort-out the various control panels, which are frankly quite “busy.”)

(Did you guess that “UX design” is one of my favorite subjects?)


There’s always…