I do not know how to cough on line...

But I will try this…Ahem,
You know, it seems to me that there are folks out there that claim to be scientists or religious experts. The funny thing as far as I can see it is that both sides seem to be trying to split the truth. The truth will not be split, it just is…
Oh well, this is just me and another of my useless musings, I think that I will have a cold one, and yes, probably with alcohol in it, I need a break…


Coughing online!? How exactly can it be done to a good extent.

So you posting all your musings here now?



Beer does sound good. I have not had a drink in over 5 years now.

later :yes:

i need crown royal myself :slight_smile:

Oh, I don’t know, perhaps if I give you enough string you will strangle yourself.

That’s the part you are supposed to keep to yourself ;).

Oh well, just thought that I would share. :smiley:

Someone’s freaking out at work… :stuck_out_tongue: