I dont get the glass right...

Hello. I’m struggeling with it for weeks… Why is the glass shader that awfull? In real-life you just can see trough it, but in blender (cycles) it looks like there is water behind it like a aquarium. How i can get this right? A while ago everything was ok. But since the 2.72 update everything with a glass material sucks… Here are some images where you can and must see there is something wrong :frowning:

  1. why it pops forward?
  2. no explanation needed … this just looks terrible.
  3. Is the car full of water???

Please guys… can you tell me whats happening? I dont only have this problem in the blend file from image 2 and 3, but in every new blend i create (For example, image 1)

Hope you can help me…

I am not a vet but transparent and glossy shaders make a good glass.

try to make the glass IOR = 1
or use a mix transp +glass

happy cl

I like your idea for glass fix I will have to try it.:slight_smile:

I added a link to my last post with a shader node example. In general I would stay away from refractive shaders for any “architectural” glass (windows, etc.). The refractive effect of a window pane is negligible anyway and a flat plane as window with a glossy/transparent mix material will imho resolve faster with less firefly issues.

WONDERFUL :slight_smile: thanks for al your reply’s!! I added a soldify to my glass planes and it works!!! :smiley: I’m very happy (as you can see :stuck_out_tongue: ) I will also keep the mix of glossy and tran. in mind, but soldify fixed the problem already… Thanks to you all.

I have to run out for a few hrs but when I get back I will try it.:slight_smile: