i dont know how to rig this.

Hey everyone! i’ve got a little problem. i want to make a little dragon character, but i have no
idea how to put the bones in the head, so it can open it’s maw.
here’s a sketch with the basic idea down

as you can see, the wings and tail are no problem, but i don’t know how to put the bones in his face so it works the right way. two simple bones don’t work, because a lot of ‘skin’ stretches when he opens his jaw that way.
i’m relatively new to rigging/animating as i mostly try my hand at buildings or items, so i would appreciate any tip that could help me rig this character :slight_smile:

What you need is jaw bone:


wow, thanks! probably a real newbie question here: what is the dotted line between the two joints?

They are called Relationship Lines. It shows the parent child relationship. So in my example main is parent of head and to jaw. This line can be turned on / off in Properties shelf under Display.