I dont know if this question goes here or not... SSS?

Hi everyone…
What is sss? I see it mentioned in a lot of posts and havent a clue what it is…
I also did a search for it on the Blender site but got nothing.

Just curious.


Sub Surface Scattering. It’s a shading method. It’s like when you hold up a torch to your hand and you can see light shining through your skin, the light travels through the skin, but it is Scattered underneath the surface. There are options for sss in the materials tab.

Well thanks!
I had no idea!
I havent gotten to the point where I can point the camera where I want it yet let alone do any texturing, so I will get into that sort of stuff later.
But thanks again, I noticed a lot of people recomend to others that they use it in their renders and it got me curious.

On a very different topic, Fatfinger, I happened to smash the crap out of my index finger with a hammer today and it looks a lot like yours, but more purple and bloody than orange. Cool that it was you who answered my question!


SSS has to do with how the surface is colored and shaded, and in Blender all surface shading is called Materials and Textures. If you want to play with SSS, see the user manual section in Materials for SSS: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Subsurface_Scattering.

If your finger is really purple, be careful that it doesn’t get bad/infected/gangrene/blood poisioning!